Get a New Puppy for Christmas?

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Did you get a new puppy for Christmas, or do you already have a four-legged member of your family?  Is bathing them less than ideal?  If you have the room, you could add a dog-washing station.  There are a variety of tubs, basins, and custom bath stalls that can be put in to accommodate your furry friend.  There are counter-height basins for small dogs, so you don’t strain your back, or a walk-in stall for a large dog that you don’t want to struggle lifting.  In addition to adding convenient shelving and design elements to make grabbing their shampoo and towels a breeze, a handheld sprayhead is a must.  Whether you create a space solely for your canine companion or plan a multi-use area, a dog wash station can help ease the chore of keeping fido clean!



Don’t Leave For the Holidays Until You Do This!

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If you plan on going out of town for the holidays, remember to make sure you don’t turn off your heat before you go!  Often people try to save a little money by turning off their heat when they leave, but this can cost you big bucks when your pipes freeze.  Make sure your foundation vents are closed and your home is warm enough to keep your pipes from freezing, so water damage repair isn’t the first item on your to do list for the new year!


Protect Your Pipes This Holiday!

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The holidays are here along with all the delicious food we love to eat this time of year. Remember, that fat and grease that can clog your arteries can clog your home’s pipes as well. Watch how much fat and grease are going down your drains and save yourself from having to deal with a clogged pipe this holiday season!


Conserve Water and Energy This Fall

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Water conservation is a serious matter, but did you know that water and energy conservation are closely related?  Think of ways you can save water.  You can set a timer on your shower and reuse your towel.  Reusing your towel  saves the additional water to wash it, but it also saves you energy.  If you examine the clothes you’ve worn at the end of the day and rewash only what is needed, again you save water and energy.  Want some other ideas?  Eat healthier!  Processed food consumes much more water to produce than does locally grown food, and it requires not only more energy to produce it but the energy to transport it as well.  When packing a lunch, use reusable water bottles and food containers.  Sure you have to wash them, but you are still conserving.  To make one pound of plastic requires approximately 24 gallons of water.  Look around your home this fall as you send your kids back to school and think of ways you can conserve water and energy!


Happy Labor Day!

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To all the people that wake up and go to work every day, we wish you a happy, relaxing, and safe day off!

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