Planning a New Project?

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If you haven’t already started a home project along with the rest of the people stuck at home with time on their hands and you are beginning to think about it now, you may need to prepare for some sticker shock!  Between the Covid lockdowns and recent legislation, prices are increasing across the board.  Manufacturing delays, supply line congestion, commodity price increases, wage increases, and tax increases at the worst possible time are all pushing costs and wait times up, sometimes dramatically.  Make sure you get a realistic quote for the cost of your next remodel as well as budget for the increased time it may take to not only get on someone’s schedule but to get your supplies and fixtures delivered before you jump in.  Things are changing rapidly in this new environment!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Greeting


Happy Labor Day!

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Wait! Read This Before You Use Those Flushable Wipes!

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Although toilet paper is becoming easier to find, some may still be regularly using alternatives such as flushable wipes. Remember, the package may say that these wipes are “septic safe” and “flushable”, but they take longer to break down. This makes it easier for clogged pipes and blockages to occur often requiring a professional plumber to unclog. So before your plumbing system begins to back up, head to the store and stock up on some regular toilet paper!


Happy 4th of July!!

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4th of July Image

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