Get a New Puppy for Christmas?

Posted by admin on Jan 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Did you get a new puppy for Christmas, or do you already have a four-legged member of your family?  Is bathing them less than ideal?  If you have the room, you could add a dog-washing station.  There are a variety of tubs, basins, and custom bath stalls that can be put in to accommodate your furry friend.  There are counter-height basins for small dogs, so you don’t strain your back, or a walk-in stall for a large dog that you don’t want to struggle lifting.  In addition to adding convenient shelving and design elements to make grabbing their shampoo and towels a breeze, a handheld sprayhead is a must.  Whether you create a space solely for your canine companion or plan a multi-use area, a dog wash station can help ease the chore of keeping fido clean!


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