Thank You for Your Sacrifice

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Open for Business!

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While everyone is practicing social distancing, problems still come up. If your garbage disposal, water heater, or other plumbing fixtures start to have issues, remember plumbing is deemed essential. We are open for business and safely taking care of all your plumbing needs!


We’re Open for Business!

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We would like to let our customers know that Pine Valley Plumbing is still going to be open for business through this unprecedented shut down. We are taking extra precautions to keep our plumbers and customers safe and healthy. If you need to schedule any work to be done, please make sure no one in your home is sick, has knowingly been exposed to the virus, or is recently recovering from the virus. Help us to help you. We will all get through this together!


Ridgeview Apartments Nearing Completion

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Ridgeview Apartments

The Ridgeview Apartments in Redmond are nearing completion.  A shout out to our crew for doing an amazing job!  Empire Construction builds a quality product!


Gas Water Heater not Working?

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Are you having an issue with your gas water heater? The wind has been picking up lately, and it may just be that your pilot light has gone out. Before you call a plumber, make sure the pilot light is lit.  If you don’t know how to check it and relight it yourself, have your plumber show you how. It will save you both time and money!

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